Mandira Bedi Spicy Stills


Date of birth:April 15, 1972, Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Height:5 '6 "(1.68 m)

Mini Biography
Mandira Bedi was born in a Punjabi-speaking families Bombay-based Bedi on Apr 15, 1972. She was not her training in Cathedral & John Connon High School.

No sooner had she started working at Oglivy & Mather Advertising Agency, when it was offered a role on the small screen in Shanti. This led her to sign up for 'Kyun Ki Bhi Kabhi Bahoo MSA you' too.

An Aries, she is passionate about live cricket and was thrilled when Sony Television offered her compere Tools Innnings. Her appearance in a wide range of designer Sarees world dominated by angry male slut cricket led to an increase in viewer-ship. Cricket-obsessed viewers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries, both male and female, were enchanted with it smooth, fresh face, sexy girl, dressed and healthy Indian Saree.

Fashion Designer, Satya Paul, the cricket-themed Sarees, one with signatures of cricketers, cricket different heads, one of the animations of players, one with mini flags of cricket participating countries, containing just a few of strange 50.

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