Russian Car Trip through Siberi

Those Russian guys made photos of their travel across Siberia in January 2006.

The average temperature outside was -60 F. Yes, minus sixty fahrenheit.

They have visited different cool places in Siberia.

For example this is a Jewish region right in the middle of cold Russian Siberia.

When it is -60 F (-50 C) outside, the car windows never get rid of the ice and snow. Even when the heater is on to its maximum.

Here you can see the reading of the thermometer: -49 C (-56 C).

Russian guys are used to such extreme colds.

They got advised in one of the Siberian cities to install double windows on the cars. Those double windows help a lot in keeping warm.

They have met wild Siberian horses - pony sized horses living in Siberian woods.

And all the way through Siberia there are remains of Soviet Era artefacts sitting right near with old pagan totems of wild natives.

Here you can see the car before the double windows were installed.

More Soviet artefacts.

And different unidentified objects.

Some guys use more heavy vehicles to travel across Siberia.

More strange buildings.

Before the cell and satelite phones in Russia in Siberia there were such phone booths each 25 km (12 miles) across the Siberia road. Most of the drivers had a special key to unlock the booth.

Different Siberian monuments.

And Siberian people.

Using special laptops.

And even vodka freezes in Siberia.

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