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Perfumes are one of the most widely used cosmetics all over the planet. All people want that they smell nice, their home gives a pleasant fragrance and some even take care that their pets give a soothing aroma. That is why the perfume industry has got huge prospects. With the advent of internet it's been seen that people go online to shop almost everything right from books to cosmetics, garments to cars. Some people may argue that while buying perfumes online you don't have an option of trying those perfumes. But they must ask themselves that the last time when they went to purchase perfume from a retail store, were they able to quickly decide on which perfume they would buy. In most cases you are lost in the fragrance of different perfumes. And after some time you are not even able to differentiate between the fragrances of different perfumes. You end up buying a perfume which you may not like in future..

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