Top 10 unforgettable Plane Crashes in History

1: World Trade Centre (World’s Biggest Trade Centre).

The Biggest crash of history, Two plans was crashed into the Worlds biggest trade center on September 11, 2001 and 2988 people was killed, it was terrorism attack.


2: Tenerife Flight crash.

Am 747 was crashed in to klm Boing 747 when readying for take off at Tenerife Island, on March 27, 1977 583 people was killed due to some communication problems as well as bad whether facts.

3: Japan Flight 1233.

The Japan Airline Flight 1233 was crashed 100 KM from Tokyo. on August 12, 1985, 520 people was killed. It was the highest causalities figure in single airline crash.

4: Charkhi Dadri (Deadliest Mid Air crash).

Mid air crash was occurred between Kazakhstan and Saudi flight near Haryana in india on November 12, 1996 and 349 people was killed, this crash known as the biggest Mid air crash deadliest.

5: Turkish Flight 9815.

The Turkish Airlines Flight 9815 was on the way, and it was crashed near Paris in France, because cargo door was detached after few minutes to take off from Orly Air port on March 3, 1974, 346 people was killed.

6: India Airline Flight 1826.

Air India Flight 1826 was crashed due to terrorist activity, and plan was crashed by bomb on June 23, 1985, 329 people was killed.

7: Korean’s Airlines Flight.

When Korean Airline Plane was entered in prohibited Soviet Airspace On September 1, 1983 it was shot down, 269 people was killed in this crash.

8: Iran Airline Flight 6558.

It was another crash on July 3, 1988 due to shooting down of civilian plane by US military Navy’s missiles. It was mistake 290 people killed in this crash.

9: Pan Am Flight 1039.

It was another Terrorist activity crash, with bomb on December 21, 1988 over Lockerbie in Scotland, 270 people was killed in this crash and 11 people was on the ground was killed.

10: France Airline 44710.

This plane was crashed near the Atlantic ocean, on June 1, 2009, and lot of debris has still not found, 228 people was killed in this crash.

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