13th Annual Summer Redneck Games

The Redneck Games are held in East Dublin, Georgia annually. The games were started by Mac Davis in response to a comment made by the media; that when the 1996 Olympic Games went to Atlanta, it would be held by a group of rednecks. Taking offense to this, Mac Davis and some locals set up the annual Redneck Games to reinforce the stereotype the media held. Some events that are held during the Redneck Games include: the cigarette flip, bobbing for pig’s trotters, toilet seat throwing, mud pit belly flop, wet T-shirt contest and others. For each of the events, a trophy is awarded; a half crushed, empty mounted beer can.

Perhaps the most eye-catching event of the games is the Mud-Pit Belly Flop, where fully-clothed contestants plunge belly-first into a natural pool of red clay mud. The bigger the belly, the better your chance, as the winning flopper tends to weigh in at over 250 pounds and key criteria for the judges are beauty of form and size of splash.

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