Award Winning Dump Truck of the Future

For more than a century "tipper" trucks—so called for their ability to lift their cargo beds at an angle that allows their contents to empty without manual intervention—have helped construction crews haul heavy building materials, including tons of asphalt and gravel at a time. The typical model of tipper seen on construction sites worldwide is the dump truck, which uses a hydraulic lift to raise one end of its cargo bed high into the air while its contents slide out of the back or to the side. Munich-based truck maker F.X. Meiller GmbH & Co KG has seen the future of construction hauling, and it is a sleek all-wheel drive tipper capable of dumping on all four directions.


No word yet on when Meiller plans to build these tippers or how much they will cost, but Deng says the truck's six engines and battery system will be the priciest parts. A scaled-down prototype is scheduled to be on display May 17-20 in New York at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

super-tipper-truck-haisheng-002 super-tipper-truck-haisheng-003 super-tipper-truck-haisheng-004 super-tipper-truck-haisheng-005 super-tipper-truck-haisheng-006 super-tipper-truck-haisheng-007

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