Bizarre Foods from Phsar Thmei Market in Cambodia

The Phsar Thmei Market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is an astounding destination for both locals and tourists. Otherwise known as the Central Market, the bazaar is always filled with incredibly crafted clothing, jewelry, and trinkets.

Phsar Thmei Market Seafood

One of the most interesting features, however, is the collection of food stands. Of course you’ll find fruits, vegetables, and the standard produce fare. But those who aren’t expecting it will be surprised when they’re faced with some of the more bizarre edible delicacies that Cambodia has to offer. Check out some of the scrumptious delights that may make it onto your plate when you visit!

Coconut Pudding

Coconut Pudding

One of the least offensive dishes we found on the market was this creamy dish of coconut pudding. The meat of the coconut is ground and mixed with other ingredients to form a deliciously gooey creation. If you’re a fan of coconut flavors you’ll probably enjoy this dish.

Monkey Brains

Monkey Brains

Yes, people really do eat brains. That fact was not concocted for use as a movie effect alone. This photograph was taken at a local delicatessen in the Phsar Thmei Market. These are monkey brains, and they’re on their way to someone’s dinner plate!

Animal Stomachs

Animal Stomach

In Cambodia, every part of the animal is fair game when it comes to putting food on the table. This includes the stomachs of various animals as well. The local delicatessen had just set these out as well. We’re not 100% sure which animal they are from or how how they’re cooked but we do know that they’re relatively common.

Squid BBQ

Squid BBQ

We normally throw chicken legs, hot dogs, and burgers on the grill in the USA. Here in Cambodia they barbeque squid. Head on over for a lovely char-grilled stick of squid!

Prawns and Seafood

Prawns, Lotus, and Birds

If it comes out of the Mekong River, you’ll likely find it on the menu. Here we have colorful prawns and an assortment of other bizarre delights.

Cambodian Food

A trip to Cambodia really isn’t complete without a trip to Phsar Thmei Market. Only here will you find foods you’d normally consider to be far off the beaten path. Perhaps you’ll even give a few a try!

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