Hilarious Road Signs

In the past, we have brought you weird and wacky signs from around the world. These hilarious and frankly, stupid road signs in many cases, certainly qualify in the same vein.


1. Sign in small town Virginia

A serious lack of creativity must be to blame for this street name in the state of Virginia. Unexpected Road? How in God’s name do you include that in any sane set of directions?

Small town road sign in Virginia

2. Highway sign in Delaware

There’s no inherent hilarity in being gay of course – homosexuality and heterosexuality are just as funny, more or less. What is especially droll about this sign in Delaware however, given the present social context of the word, is the inevitable thought that a fiercely homophobic, right-wing, born-again nut might actually live on this street.

Highway sign in Delaware

3. As seen in England

Someone with authority has to enforce a mandatory literacy class for the construction workers of England. Jioning?

English road sign

4. Washington, D.C. highway sign

A recent report on the breakdown of the public education system in America came down hard on Washington, D.C. schools. According to the report, 88% of all eighth-graders in the nation’s capital fail to meet basic reading standards. Apparently, being able to distinguish right from left is also a problem.

Washington, D.C. highway sign

5. Weird paint line on random U.S.A. road

Basic directional sense is not the only element in need of correction with U.S. road and highway employees. How about sheer pride in your work? Really now, how hard would it have been to shift that tree trunk over a few feet?

Weird paint line on random U.S.A. road

6. Sign in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Maybe it’s just us, but from the looks of the perilous angle depicted in this sign, a helmet isn’t going to do you much good if you take a tumble on this Great Smoky road. Especially if you lack hands and fingers, let alone opposable thumbs.

Sign in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

7. Random German road sign

We hate to pick on the elderly and without the benefit of more context, we’re frankly out of the loop here, but man, isn’t this sign a tad overcautious? And hey, not all old people have terrible posture. Well, maybe in Germany …

Random German road sign

8. Sign in Utrecht, Netherlands

This sign just looks so offensive in English that if you zoom by at an excessive speed, a double take could put you in a ditch. Apparently it actually means something significant in Dutch however, so there you are.

Sign in Utrecht

9. Hawaiian street sign

C’mon Hawaii, we know you have a virtual monopoly on stupid signs but this is just too much. Pee Road? Really?

“Hey dude, meet me at noon at the corner of Pee and Hoohu”


Hawaiian street sign

10. Sign in British Columbia, Canada

It’s not unwise to warn people about the dangers of slippery cliffs but still, there’s a certain slapstick Keystone Cops hilarity in this sign in British Columbia.

Sign in British Columbia, Canada

11. Nottingham, England road sign

We know the British drive on the wrong side of the road but what is the point of this sign? Could it be that street sign officials in England are just as ignorant on right and left as their counterparts across the pond?

Nottingham, England road sign

12. Random sign on Ontario, Canada highway

It’s not uncommon to see signs alongside Canadian highways that depict moose or deer. These animals, if struck at the right speed, will not only die, but may even take you along with them. Your car will be in a serious state of disrepair as well, though that may not matter if you’re dead. The point is that moose and deer are big. Turtles however, are tiny. If they’re on the brink of extinction, it’s their own fault for being dumb enough to cross a highway.

Random sign on Ontario, Canada highway

13. Random English road signs

Our first thought about these sign was well, maybe they make sense to people in the United Kingdom. Maybe when they take their driver’s exams, we surmised, they learn to decode these arcane signs.

Then we spoke with a friend from Manchester and “no” he said emphatically, “no, drivers in England have absolutely no clue what these signs mean.”

English road signs

14. English highway sign

Other than a sign that reads “Road ends abruptly here”, no sign would make us panic more than this one.

English highway sign

15. As seen in Southampton, England

No parking here? No parking where exactly? Is this sign intended for tank owners? Because really now, who else could possibly park their vehicles on this rocky, rugged terrain?

As seen in Southampton, England

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