The Dell Adamo ultrathin notebook was introduced in 2009. Back then it was viewed as Dell's answer to Apple's MacBook Air. Both were ultrathin notebooks with 13 inch displays. And much like the Macbook Air, the Adamo had a ridiculously high price tag. It started at around $2000.

Over the years, Dell revised its pricing several times. The notebook also got thinner. And now word is that Dell is discontinuing its Adamo line altogether. According to a CNET report, Dell will introduce a new ultrathin notebook in about 6 months. That model will, however, not be an Adamo. It is more likely to wear the Inspiron, XPS or Alienware brand names.

While new Adamo laptops are no longer available from Dell's web store, you can still find good deals on refurbished Adamo models, with prices starting as low as $759.

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