The Notion Ink Adam tablet has finally reached the hands of its owners and user reviews are pouring in.

The Adam has a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and an optional Pixel Qi transflective display. It runs a custom user interface called Eden on top of Android. The tablet can handle HD video. It also supports 3D graphics acceleration. Over all, it seems to be a great tablet, but some users have reported minor issues. Bear in mind that most of these seem to be software-related and may easily
get fixed by future software updates.

Here are the major issues users are reporting.

The display is glossy, not matte. Notion Ink does offer a matte screen protector, but many users are finding it hard to apply properly.

Some features of the Notion Ink's UI software are unintuitive. The tablet also seems a bit unresponsive at times when using the Notion Ink Eden software. Zooming in the Adam web browser is kind of jerky.

Most users have loved the Pixel Qi display, a few of them have reported issues with that as well.

On the bright side, the battery charges quickly. You can install third party apps on the tablet and choose your own keyboard software if you don't like the keyboard app.

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