6 Reasons To Hire An Expat Coach


Ed: The following is a guest post by Emmanuelle Archer, a French expat living in Canada. As a coach and consultant, she works with expats, diplomats and accompanying spouses to help them live their expat lives to the fullest. Emmanuelle’s focus is on addressing the emotional and motivational aspects of expatriation through her company, Winning Away Coaching Ltd., and her blog.

Living in a foreign country can be challenging for anyone, even experienced expats.

If you are having a hard time adjusting, the good news is that a) it is perfectly normal and b) help is just a phone call away.

An expat coach can be your best ally and a key partner in a successful relocation.

6 reasons to hire an expat coach:

1. You are a first-time expat and you want to ensure a successful relocation

unsurebyjasoonAs a soon-to-be expat, you likely have a lot on your mind: excitement, uncertainty… and a long to-do list. Save yourself stress and time by hiring an expat coach who will bring you emotional and practical support, while helping you plan ahead and prepare for your life abroad.

2. You have ambitious goals and you need support to reach them

You want to put your time overseas to good use. Maybe you want to write your first book, or start an online business. Consider partnering up with a coach who will support you every step of the way, from brainstorming with you to keeping you accountable for your goals and making sure you celebrate your accomplishments!

3. You feel isolated

Being away from friends and family is tough, especially if you cannot meet local friends easily because of language or cultural barriers. Your expat coach cannot replace your best friend, but he or she can wear many hats: supporter, sounding board, mentor and even shoulder to cry on when you need it.

4. You are suffering from severe culture shock or homesickness

If you find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed, angry at your host country or afraid to leave the house, an expat coach will help you get through this rough patch. Together, you will work through these negative emotions so you can move forward and enjoy life again.

5. You are an accompanying partner and you need help adjusting to your new life

As an accompanying partner, you are faced with specific challenges: isolation, lack of recognition, career interruption. An expat coach understands what you are going through and will help you design a life that fits you and your unique situation.

6. Expatriation is taking a toll on your family or your couple

International relocation can put a lot of strain on your closest relationships. Don’t let tensions and resentment build up; hire a coach who will help you assess the situation objectively and give you tools to keep your home life harmonious.

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