The Best Country for a British Expat

New Zealand

New Zealand

Where is the best place to live as a British expat? Anywhere within a three hour flight to the UK it would seem.

According to research by Alliance & Leicester International an expat in France can expect approximately ten friends or family to visit from Britain every year. Expats in Spain and Holland will have around eight visits a year. However, a British expat living outside Europe will see friends and family far fewer times, with expats in South Africa and New Zealand seeing friends or family two to three times a year at most.

In another study by Alliance & Leicester International, New Zealand was rated as the best place to be an expat, based on both quality of life and cost of living. An interesting study might also include a question about distance from friends and family—in the case of New Zealand, perhaps it is that very distance that adds to the appeal of the pre-existing qualities of the country!

While many people become expats simply because of their work requirements, many expats are motivated by a love of change, a passion for the chosen country or by the idea of bringing their skills to countries with a skill shortage. Still another group of expats are those who are motivated by the fresh start and the distance from their ‘old life’. For those Britons, a move to New Zealand must be the best plan.

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