World’s Third Most Expensive Number Plate is Number “7″

When you have enough money inherited from decades of oil business and weapon dealings, what would you do? You would go ahead and spend all that money buying unexpected stuffs. Such patterns of spending is usually seen in the Middle Eastern countries where every other guy is a sheik who could afford to buy yachts and helicopters.

While we fret and crib about the robed man’s richness, one of the Arab businessmen has purchased a number plate bearing “7″, for $4.6 million. Whoever would have known that the number 7 could be so expensive? In fact, this is the third most expensive license plate in the world and was sold at a government auction in Abu Dhabi.

The second most expensive number plate is number “5″ which was sold in Abu Dhabi too (Why do I even repeat the city’s name) for $6.86 million. No prizes for guessing who bought the world’s most expensive plate, which happens to be number 1. “1″ was sold to an Emirati businessman too, in 2008 and that cost a whopping $14.3 million.

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