Mini Livingroom Inside The Computer

From the looks of these pics, it looks like a tiny little family has moved into this warm and cozy computer living room and set up their home. The PC Living Room (or is that Living Room PC) is furnished tiny little dollhouse furniture, including a sofa, a comfy chair, and even a little lamp that plugs into one of the PC’s accessory power circuits. I love the little details like the gumball machine, a bottle of Coke and the New York Times paper sitting on one of the chairs. All they need is a couple of mini arcade games, and they’d be all set.

And is that a box of Cracker Jacks sitting on the side table? That reminds me – what the hell is the deal with the prizes in Cracker Jacks these days? Who the hell thinks a 2 cent piece of paper with some folding die cuts is a “prize”? Not me. I mean really, once they eliminated the choking hazard, it was all downhill for me. Anyway, I digress…

Thankfully, they decided to leave the side off the computer so the PC’s tiny occupants won’t overheat or suffocate. That would be a real mess to clean up.

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