Melanie Griffith Tattoos

Melanie Griffith, 52, is an award winning American Actress. Born in New York City, Melanie Griffith is the wife of famous actor Antonio Banderas and daughter of popular actress Tippi Herden. This 52 years star Melanie Griffith and her fad for trendy and designer tattoos even at the age of 52 is well known in the Hollywood. Melanie Griffith if often spotted at Hollywood Tattoos shops with her kids.Melanie Griffith had her first tattoo at her fourth wedding anniversary. Melanie did feel any pain while inscribing her first tattoo and that is how she made her mind to go for few more tattoos. Melanie Griffith has a beautiful tattoo with the name of her hubby Antonio Banderas on her upper right arm. Even after decades of film career, Melanie Griffith has not yet lost her love for tattoos. As recently as in the end of 2008, Melanie Griffith was spotted with her 18-years daughter in a tattoo parlor in West Hollywood. Melanie Griffith's lovely heart tattoo is the most popular one in the entire entertainment industry.

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