Russian Olympic City Prepares For 2014 Games

New village of Nekrasovskoye is being built to accommodate people moved from the zone of Olympic construction.

The village of Nekrasovskoye will have a well-developed social infrastructure.

Many houses in Sochi will have red roofs due to the latest architectural plans.

Special attention is paid to an ecological component of the project.

The village of Nekrasovskoye will have 112 detached houses.

The village of Nekrasovskoye covers 24.2 square kilometers and is located in close proximity to the Black Sea.

Imeretinsky Port will be built in line with a government decree on the construction of Olympic facilities.

The port is also a part of the program of Sochi’s development as an alpine climate resort.

The port’s purpose will be to handle cargo shipments for the construction of the Olympic facilities.

Plans exist to convert the port into a yachting marina in 2014.

The cargo sector will consist of eight modern docks, capable of handling 5 million tonnes of cargo per year.

The first stage, capacity 2 million tonnes per year, is due to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2010.

The whole port should be in operation by the end of 2010.

Being put in operation, Imeretinsky port will resolve a task of transportation construction materials directly to the sites, by-passing the city, which will help to discharge federal and city roads.

In the next two years, over 50 million tonnes of cargo will be delivered to Olympic facilities via all transportation systems.

The region of Sochi expects significant growth of transportation facilities due to Olympic construction.

Almost 60 billion rubles will be spent on the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi, partly from the federal budget and partly from private investors.

The construction of the ice stadium with a total area of 67 830 square meters

The stadium is located in the Olympic park, the main Olympic venue in the coastal area.

The claret-colored beams are the support pillars for the building

The stadium can be dismantled and taken to a new location to be used after the Olympics

The capacity of the Olympic Ice Stadium is 12, 000 people. The stadium will have an ice rink and training rink for figure skating and competitions in short-track.

The Ice Stadium is a multifunctional construction used not only for sports, but also for cultural and entertainment events.

The stadium will be covered with a beautiful silver dome.

The training field is under construction. Construction is underway.

The overall height including the underground level is 48 meters

A panoramic view of the stadium…

The stadium will have 6 levels. The builders are pouring cement :

The stadium will be shaped like a frozen drop :

Sochi airport is one of the 5 biggest in Russia according to the number of passengers on domestic flights.

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